How Everyrun Works

You’re just 3 steps away from your next run.

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Step​​1. Browse

Start by exploring events and runs. Search by location and apply filters like distance, or price to narrow your options.

Step 2. Register

Once you’ve found an event you would like to attend, learn about your host, read past event reviews, and get the details on cancellation options – then book in just a few clicks.

Step 3. Run

All Everyrun members have a QR code on their profile page. This QR code contains your runner ID, so it is all you need to run in an Everyrun race. Bring your QR Code and run! It’s a simple as this.

Your Everyrun ID/QR code is valid for ALL future Everyrun events
Print it and take it with you whenever you run :)


  1. One printout contains 4 QR codes/badges. We did this to save paper and so that you have spare copies. We suggest you leave it in your sports bag, in the car or any other place that you can remember. You need to bring your QR code to every race.

  2. Attach your QR code to the front of your t-shirt using small lockable pins (nappy pins).

However, the fun doesn’t stop there because all our runs are timed, so you can check our website for your race results. You can monitor progress over time, compare your finish time with your friends and family and even compete to be the fastest time in your age group.

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