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Register Children
Register Children

Here's how to register your kids using Gmail

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**Please note: before registering kids, please check the minimum age requirements for the event**
If there are no age restrictions and kids are allowed to run, they will need to register for an Everyrun account in order to receive their personal race results. This means they will need an email address.

If they don't have their own email address but you have a Gmail account, there is a workaround.

How to do it?

1. Log out of your account at (if you logged in).

2. Click "Sign up" and use your Gmail address but add +1 after your name.

For example: if my email is

For my daughter, I would use

and for my son, I would use,

for my nephew, I would use and so on.

All the notifications email will still come to my personal inbox (, but all my kids will have their personal Everyrun accounts and will be able to print out their ID Numbers (QR codes) and receive their race results.

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