There is a vast range of equipment you may need, depending on the size of the race, event format and additional facilities you may provide for your runners. We have listed a basic list of equipment you will probably need to organise a basic running event.

  • Start Markers

  • Mobile phone with installed Everyrun Management app to do a race timing

  • Mobile phone with Everyrun Management app to scan participant's QR-codes

  • First Aid Kit (please follow the local government guidance)

  • Tokens (you will need to give a token to each runner crossing the finish line)

  • Bag of bib pins (for your runner to attach QR codes)

  • Water (for emergencies)

  • Markers for the race course

  • Pen and notebook for recording incidents, requests and other info.

  • Organiser ID/hand band/weistcoats/t-shirts - any way to indicate an organisers team, so participants know whom to talk to if they have any questions

  • Speaker If you would like music or to help you with announcements

  • Whistle, or any other tool to start the race

We have also prepared a printable equipment checklist for you,

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