There are different ways to host a race:

  1. Organise events yourself

  1. Organise a race with friends or a team of organisers

  2. Work together with a professional organiser who will manage your events

Free or paid events?
As our name says, Everyrun supports every type of run. So, it doesn’t matter if your event is big or small, or if you want to organise free events, or charge people to attend. The process for creating, hosting and attending events is the same.

For paid events, you choose the price that is right for you and a small commission is paid to Everyrun.

Regular Events

  • Park Runs (weekly 5km events like parkrun)

  • Recreational Runs

  • Training Sessions

  • Time trials

One Off Events

  • Fun Runs & Fundraising Events

  • Corporate Events

  • Competitive races

If you are ready to host a run, just make sure:

  • Your experience follows these quality standards

  • You’ve learned about local laws

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