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About Everyrun

Everyrun is on a mission to get the world running and, in the process, create healthier and happier communities around the world.

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Everyone. Everywhere. Everyrun.

We are on a mission to connect the world through running and make the world a healthier and happier place.

Designs as a more flexible alternative to parkrun, Everyrun lets you create and host running events your way - without restrictions.

By providing an easy way to organise recreational races and running events, we open the door to a world of new running experiences in unique locations anywhere in the world.

From public parks to private land, we’re the most unique collection of running events and we make it super-simple to participate!

Everyone together

Everyrun is a growing community of good-natured people and the most comprehensive resource for recreational races, park runs and other unique running experiences. By connecting people and helping them run together, Everyrun works to support those who value their fitness and the company of other runners.

We welcome experienced runners and professional athletes but, we are most proud of members who started running because of our events.

Everywhere (and any time)

Traditionally, running events have been about sport, competition and performance, however this excludes thousands of people who just want to run together and thousands of beautiful locations (parks, trails, farms etc) that are not optimised for competitive events.

Everyrun is different. Of course we love competition, but we are all about locations and experiences. So, if you want to organise a run to your local beauty spot, or go jogging in a new city and make friends - Everyrun makes this possible.

The Everyrun platform

Everyrun gets the sharing economy moving. In the same way that AirBnB and Hipcamp have enabled a new world or hosting and accommodation, we are on a mission to help hosts create truly unique races and runs, and give runners thousands of new events to join.

By empowering our hosts to create and monetise local events, we create a sustainable marketplace that connects runners and organisers, and our race management app takes the pain out of orgaising events.

Whenever you attend an Everyrun event, you'll benefit from local knowledge, experience and creativity. You'll discover new places, make new friends and ultimately leave a little healthier and happier :)

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